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Have You Implemented Security Measures to Reduce Risks by Completing Your HIPAA Security Risk Assessment?

Val Aubry, Owner of Main Street SoftwareMy name is Val Aubry; I am the owner of Main Street Software located in Landisville, PA. I am a Certified Health Care Technology Professional and a Certified HIPAA Security Professional. Main Street Software was established in 1984, inspired by technology and focused on helping clients solve business challenges.

Practice owners or practice managers I talk to will confess that they DON'T know for sure whether or not they are totally HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant or if they've completed the required HIPAA security risk assessment. This is just surprising when you consider a security risk assessment is a federal requirement of the HIPAA Security Rule and for Stage 1 and 2 of Meaningful Use of the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incen
tive programs.

There is NO Single Method That Guarantees Compliance!

When it comes to HIPAA compliance, I want to help by sharing my knowledge with you and by providing one important aspect - the HIPAA Security Risk Assessment. This assessment will reveal to you any issues that exist. A HIPAA Security Risk Assessment is a requirement that isn't a once and done task. Each year, or when changes to your practice or electronics systems occur, you will need to review and update your assessment for changes in risk.

What Can Main Street Software Do To Help You Be Compliant?

We have developed a process that works and provides you with a remediation plan. My staff of HIPAA Certified IT Professionals will personally handle your assessment based on HIPAA guidelines. We will create a HIPAA Management Action Plan to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the e-PHI and offer guidelines on how to make your practice better at protecting your patients' health information.

Requesting a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment is easy and cost effective. Our HIPAA Security Risk Assessments start at $299; we'll gather information needed at your office, put a remediation plan together and provide you with the reports necessary to demonstrate areas of compliance and areas of non-compliance. If you have an existing IT service provider, we will be happy to discuss your remediation plan with them.

To request your HIPAA Security Risk Assessment - Click Here or give us a call at (717) 898-2946.

We are inspired by technology and focused on helping clients solve business challenges. Let us help you!

To our success!

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