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Windows XP
Still Using Windows XP?
Why you need to switch your Internet browser from Internet Explorer and why it's important to do it now.

Despite Microsoft's best efforts to convince everyone to upgrade to a newer version of Windows, Windows XP is still running on nearly 28% of all computers connected to the Internet. That's a lot of computers - and users.

While continuing to use Windows XP is a security risk from now on, those that cannot part ways with it should be aware of the safest browsers they can use to browse the Internet. Your web browser is often the place where most users end up getting infected with a virus or malware. 

The latest version of Internet Explorer isn't even available on Windows XP, so if you're still running XP, it's a good chance that your probably using IE 8 - which is more than two versions old.

Why You Need To Make The Switch

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) says that Windows XP and Internet Explorer are a bad combination. CERT doesn't really think you should be using XP at all, but if you have to, they want you to at least switch to a more secure third-party browser.

CERT, a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, warns consumers of software that may pose a security risk. Now that Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP, users will no longer receive updates, potentially leaving you exposed.

As a  technical advisor, we recommend that you look to switch to a third-party vendor, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox - both of which are still patching the Windows XP browsers.

If you would like Main Street Software to help you switch your Internet Explorer browser to another third-party browser, please click here to submit your information to our technical team.

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