In this uncertain world, complete protection of your data, the backbone of your business, is the only option. Whether you want to only backup your company’s files and folders or use image-based backups for your entire system, Main Street Software has you covered!

TFIT Backup

For some businesses, there are critical workstations that cannot be offline or down. In those instances, we offer imaging as an alternative to file by file backups. Using image-based backups allows you to take a snapshot of an entire system, not simply individual files or applications. This minimizes recovery time and ensures business continuity.

TFIT File Sync

File by file backups are the most common type of backup out there and for good reason. They are simple to understand and simple to make sure the backups are good. File level backups basically come down to you selecting some files and folders that you want to back up and then where you want those file level backups to go. File level type of backups typically allow for more granular options for backup along with the ability to exclude a lot of other things that you probably do not want to backup. File level backups also typically give you a more flexible way of doing backups, scheduling, and normally smaller backups than disk image backups.

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