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We offer Accounting Products, Services and Support

Main Street Software: Trusted Accounting Specialists since 1984

We recognize that every company relies on the financial information generated by their accounting platform to make better business decisions. But have you ever been frustrated because...


  • You have to export data from your platform into Excel to create monthly financial statements with the information you need?

  • Your daily activity is not posting correctly to the general ledger, creating inaccuracies?

  • You can't make the best business decisions with the information your current system is providing?

  • You have grown so fast that your current infrastructure needs to catch up and there is no time?


Regardless of the challenges your business faces, we are here to help.

Looking for IT Support?
From 1984 until September 2018, Main Street Software provided IT support to our clients primarily in the Central PA area. We decided to focus solely on accounting and migrated our clients to other local IT companies.
If you're looking for IT support and would like a recommendation from us, please contact us and give a bit of description about what services you need and we'll provide a referral. 
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