The sheer number and variety of privacy and security laws and regulations can be daunting, if not overwhelming. In some instances, it may be almost impossible to identify all applicable laws, reconcile inconsistencies, and implement a compliance program.

Three Key Protections Required For True Security

“CIA” Confidentiality – Integrity – Availability

C – Data is protected from unauthorized access and disclosure

I – Data can be relied upon as accurate

A – Data is available for access and use when required

Main Street Software addresses security from several angles. We take this approach because today’s hackers have capabilities and attack strategies that are more frightening than ever before. According to a McAfee report, the annual cost of cybercrime has reached a shocking level, exceeding $400 billion. In fact, hackers are responsible for stealing as much as 20% of the Internet’s $3 trillion annual revenue.

Malware Detection

Main Street Software will help you identify areas in your infrastructure that are not secure and help resolve them. This may include installing a new firewall and closing all open ports, adding a 90-day Password Policy, and providing examples of Security or Acceptable Use Policies for your company.

Employee Awareness Training

Main Street Software knows the most important approach to eliminating the possibility of hacker attacks is to educate clients on how to train their staff to know what a phishing attack looks like and how to react when seeing it.

No technology-based solution can overcome the problems caused by users who mistakenly or carelessly click on suspected links introducing malware into the businesses network.

Main Street Software wants to help you prevent hackers from entering your network with a Security Awareness Training plan. We will educate you with security awareness topics for employees, how to train your employees to recognize a phishing email scam, fake pop-up alert scam, and CryptoWall ransomware attacks.